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Science ministers to discuss global issues in Daejeon

The gathering of science ministers from around the globe is ready to kick off its five-day run in South Korea later this week, organizers said Sunday, where countries will discuss ways to utilize technology to benefit mankind.

The OECD Ministerial Meeting Daejeon 2015, World Science & Technology Forum that runs from Monday through Friday will commence in Daejeon, a city packed with science institutes located 164 kilometers south of Seoul.

Along with the members of the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, science delegations from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will also join the gathering to discuss how to use technology to bridge gaps among different regions and countries.

Accordingly, the event will bring together delegations from 59 countries and 12 international organizations, and scholars, businessmen and experts who will share their ideas.

Visitors include Angel Gurria, secretary-general of the OECD, and Jeremy Rifkin, a world-famous theorist.

On the first day, experts from various fields will deliver lectures on different topics, including biotechnology, big data and the Internet of Things, at the World Science & Technology Forum.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the OECD science ministerial meeting will start, where delegates will begin full-fledged discussions on utilizing science and technology for mankind.

Such discussions will be summarized in the "Daejeon Declaration" on Wednesday.

South Korea's ICT ministry said the declaration will seek to find "strong," "sustainable" and "inclusive" global growth through science and technology.

During the event, members of ASEAN will also meet with officials from the OECD to seek shared growth among nations through science and technology.

On Friday, South Korean science and industry officials will hold a meeting to discuss the achievements of the OECD gathering.

"The five-day event will set the policy direction of the global science technology industry for the next 10 years," the ICT ministry said. "Here, South Korea will play a big role." (Yonhap)