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Bold and fearless, Cravity returns with ‘Gas Pedal’

Boy band Cravity poses during an online press conference Thursday. (Starship Entertainment)
Boy band Cravity poses during an online press conference Thursday. (Starship Entertainment)

Hoping to hit the August music charts, Cravity returned in nearly seven months with their first full-length album, “The Awakening: Written In The Stars,” released Thursday evening.

The eight-song package is an album that talks about how the group plans to walk toward their destiny, the band said during an online press conference held Thursday.

The album’s lead track “Gas Pedal” is a song that shows how the up-and-coming rookie act aims to solidify their presence in the music scene, Se-rim said. The leader and main rapper added, “Our title track, along with our powerful performance, shows how Cravity has grown and matured over the past year since our debut.”

The nine musicians also teased a snippet of new track “Veni Vidi Vici,” to show that their musical taste has expanded as well. The bandmates donned in an all-red outfit and enjoyed the rock-based song that interweaves the groovy rhythm and electrifying guitar sounds. As the name suggests, the music delivers confidence and will to march forward.

The nine members also talked about how they were happy to carry the burden of releasing their first LP. The boys said together that all the prints and songs they have released since their debut are of paramount importance, but the latest album gave a minor tweak to their feelings.

“Releasing a full-packaged LP was on the top of my bucket list, and I always questioned myself when I would be able to tick off that word. And to add a slightly more, there is something different about the word ‘full-length album’,” Won-jin said. The lead vocalist and dancer added that he is personally satisfied that the group is off to a good start, referring to his emotions as “climbing up a big mountain.” 

(Starship Entertainment)
(Starship Entertainment)

Se-rim and Allen made their debuts as lyricists for “Gas Pedal.” The tandem said “running toward something until the very end” was a big inspiration when writing the lines. “There’s a phrase that says ‘Just keep on going forward’ as the song ends. I wanted to imply that Cravity will never stop and that there is only onward in our path,” Se-rim said.

Allen likened his lyrics to pushing the pedal to the metal. “Nobody can stop you if you are on that level, and that is going to be our group is going to progress over time,” he added.

Talking about the music video to be released later, Seong-min said fans should be excited.

“Before we actually started shooting our clip, we met the director, and he told us that it would be a future-oriented ‘Matrix’ movie-like piece,” he said.

Main dancer and vocalist Hyeong-jun said he hopes music lovers would be able to notice how the group has improved in terms of theatrical performance.

“As a performer, I could say that we have come a long way to show our stage presence and take it to the next level,” he added.

Jung-mo chimed in, saying, “We have added the word ‘dare’ this time for our album as well.” The lead vocalist also hinted that the choreography for the main song is on a different level compared to the band’s previous dance moves.

On closing the event, Se-rim said the group wishes to bring out nine different characteristics that each individual has. “When the nine of us come together as one, there is teamwork, which is our strength.” The leader added that the group would continue to make good music and performance with a steady stride.

The eight-track album that is a mixture of freshness and charisma was released at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

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