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Air Force to launch committee to enhance space defense capabilities

The Air Force has formed a space committee jointly with civilian experts to chart a path for South Korea to expand its presence in space and strengthen defense capabilities against emerging threats, officials said Thursday.

An inauguration ceremony for the 43-member "Air Force Space Power Development Committee" was set to be held at the Air Force headquarters in the central city of Gyeryong, officials said.

Co-headed by Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Park In-ho and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute President Lee Sang-ryool, the committee will comprise three branches discussing space policy, defense and cooperation with civilian experts, as well as military officers.

"Through regular and on-demand meetings, we will gather various opinions to boost the Air Force' space defense capabilities," an official said.

The launch of the committee is the latest in a series of efforts by the military to enhance its space defense capabilities.

In August, Gen. Park met with US chief of space operations Gen. John Raymond in Colorado and signed a deal to form a joint consultative body on space policy to strengthen cooperation. (Yonhap)