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[팟캐스트] (510) 한국 10대 소비자 공략하는 명품 브랜드 / 부족한 소아과 의사 수에 길어지는 진료 대기시간

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : June 1, 2023 - 08:30

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Members of the K-pop girl band NewJeans have become favorite faces among luxury fashion brands: Haerin for Dior (Dior) Members of the K-pop girl band NewJeans have become favorite faces among luxury fashion brands: Haerin for Dior (Dior)

진행자: 간형우, Naomi Garyan

1. [Weekender] Luxury labels target teens

기사 요약: 국내 10대 소비자들 대상으로 마케팅 강화하는 명품 브랜드와 이에 맞춰 명품 소비 늘리는 10대 고객들

[1] While it's not breaking news that luxury fashion houses have been broadening their customer bases to younger customers, teenagers have risen as a new lucrative target demographic for such brands.

*broaden: 넓히다, 퍼지다

*lucrative: 수익성이 좋은, 돈이 되는

[2] More teenagers are purchasing high-end goods -- everything from lower-priced luxury beauty products and shoes to pricier bags, watches and jewelry.

*high-end: 고급의

[3] “Being a fan of Dior, I wanted to experience the brand,” said Lee Kyung-min, a high school student who visited a pop-up event held by French fashion house Dior to promote its fragrance line in Seoul last week.

*promote: 촉진하다, 홍보하다

*fragrance: 향기, 향수

[4] “As a student, I can only purchase cosmetics products and small leather goods. But I hope to get a Dior bag one day,” she said. “I wish to identify myself as a ‘Dior girl.’”

*cosmetics: 화장품

*identify: (신원 등을) 확인하다, 알아보게 하다

기사 원문:

2. Lack of pediatricians causes long lines at children's clinics

기사 요약: 줄어드는 소아과 병원과 의사 수로 인해 어린아이가 빠른 치료를 받기가 어려워지는 현상

[1] Finding a pediatric clinic in South Korea has become increasingly difficult due to a continuing shortage of pediatricians, leading to longer wait times for patients to get treated.

*shortage: 부족

*get treated: 치료를 받다

[2] “It is very common to wait for dozens of people who made reservations before you,” Yoo, a mother of a 4-year-old boy, told The Korea Herald.

*common: 흔한, 보통의, 공통의

*dozen: 12개짜리 한 묶음

[3] Yoo, 35, who is living in Gyeonggi Province, said her child had a fever last week and had to take him to a local hospital. When she made a reservation at around 3 p.m., there were already over 50 people who had booked before her.

*fever: 열, 흥분

*book: 책, 예약하다

[4] The number of pediatric clinics has been dwindling for several years. According to the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service data, the number of pediatric clinics that closed over the last five years reached 550, higher than the number of new pediatric clinics that opened during the same period, 519.

*dwindle: 점점 줄어들다

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