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Kexxel Group: ESG Evolve 2023 bringing together Sustainability visionaries from across Asia, featuring global award-winning climate solutions expert Ian Monroe


Published : Sept. 22, 2023 - 20:10

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In an era defined by transformative innovations, the pursuit of sustainable business practices has become more imperative than ever. The landscape is evolving, and organisations worldwide are witnessing a profound shift in the way they operate. Sustainability, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles have transcended from being buzzwords to cornerstones of success. This November 21-23, 2023, join us at EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for ESG Evolve 2023: a transformative journey that explores how innovations are shaping the future of sustainable business.

ESG Evolve 2023 Conference & Exhibition by Kexxel Group is a specially designed signature 3-day programme that combines 2-days of highly interactive, multiple panel speaker sessions moderated across industries followed by a full day practical session delivered through a workshop format on the third day.
ESG Evolve 2023 Conference & Exhibition by Kexxel Group is a specially designed signature 3-day programme that combines 2-days of highly interactive, multiple panel speaker sessions moderated across industries followed by a full day practical session delivered through a workshop format on the third day.

Organised by Kexxel Group, ESG Evolve 2023 will highlight the proactive approach of businesses in re-engineering their business activities to develop innovative solutions that promote sustainability, foster growth, and create competitive advantage.

This signature 3-day program is crafted to deliver a unique experience: it commences with 2 days of engaging and interactive panel sessions moderated by experts across various industries. The culmination of this enlightening journey unfolds on the third day as they delve into a practical, full-day workshop session. This workshop will be skillfully led by Ian Monroe, an award-winning innovative practitioner renowned for his ability to bridge technology, policy, and science to engineer solutions that make a global impact.

This groundbreaking conference and exhibition will bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and business visionaries from Malaysia and across Asia. Together, they will navigate the evolving landscape of ESG, share insights, and uncover innovative strategies that will drive sustainable development.

The theme of "Transformative Innovations for Sustainable Business" encapsulates the shared vision of harnessing innovation and leveraging sustainable practices to drive economic growth, social progress, and environmental stewardship. By integrating ESG principles into our business models, we can unlock new opportunities, strengthen resilience, and create a lasting positive impact for our people and planet.


  • Innovative Solutions: Discover new and creative ideas that can transform your business into a sustainable one.
  • Latest Technologies: Explore cutting-edge technologies that promote clean energy, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices.
  • Sustainable Strategies: Learn practical strategies to make your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Success Stories: Hear examples from companies who have successfully integrated sustainability and innovation into their operations.
  • Investor Insights: Understand how to attract and retain investors for long term value.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Forging strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts to create meaningful impact.
  • Policy and Regulation Updates: Stay updated with the latest regulations, compliance and policies for ESG best practices.
  • Measurement and Reporting: Acquire effective mechanisms to measure and disclose performance outcomes.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Understand how to engage employees, customers, and communities in your sustainability efforts.
  • Future Trends: Stay ahead with trends and opportunities in sustainable business and innovation for competitive advantage.

Past Year Testimonials

For a remarkable experience and impact of ESG Evolve 2022 firsthand, watch our event video –  ESG EVOLVE 2022  

"All this is about learning and we have to be willing to learn, to open our minds and get new ideas. I learn all the time. I learned today and that's how we grow. That's how we find solutions for a problem - by listening & being part of a dialog." - Datuk Vinod Sekhar, Chairman & Chief Executive, Petra Group

"The event was superb with great realistic discussion topics. Panel session for Day 1 and the Keynote by Datin Seri Sunita are some of the main strengths for the event." - Erwin Edward, Manager, Sustainability and Research, Malakoff Corporation

"Thank You to Kexxel Group for arranging this. I think they've put together a very interesting set of diverse experienced panelist and that is important because they bring a different narrative. Of course, the co-purpose is to connect on ESG, on the strategy of ESG, on implementation of ESG, what that means for different companies."Junaid Iqbal, Director Sustainability, AIA

"The event has diverse pool of industry players providing their viewpoints and perspectives." - Andrew Lim – Team Head, Business Development Manager – Standard Chartered Bank

"The event is super organised. Must be the friendliest event organiser I've experienced in my 30 years of working." - Mohd Razif Mohd Yusoff, Head Safety and Sustainability, Sime Darby Property

"I would like to congratulate Kexxel Group for organising this successful event and I have been to quite a number of conferences over the past few years that I must say this is one of the best that I have been to." - Joel Khaw, Senior Manager Climate Change & Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young

"The speakers throughout the three days have been very knowledgeable and have given very insightful perspectives from varying industries. The workshop especially has been very impactful and has inspired me to share a lot of my learnings with my colleagues and loved ones. Kexxel Group was very organised – from speaker lineup to topics of focus." - Maryam Zainol, Sustainability Communications Officer, PETRONAS

"Keynote speeches for both days were very deep, insightful, and inspiring. The speakers' experience sharing is very inspiring and relatable. Everyone in Kexxel is also very friendly and helpful throughout the event." - Zaman Mat Lazi, Assistant Director, FELDA

"There were a lot of panel speakers from different industries. The event encouraged SMEs to start implementing ESG in their business.  For Kexxel group – very well organized with the fantastic idea of a magic seed card. The short break after panel sessions creates networking opportunities. I enjoyed the event, and look forward to joining again next year." - Yong Leong Kong, Lecturer, Curtin University Malaysia

"A comprehensive conference and workshop useful for knowledge about moving forward toward ESG compliance and practices to achieve the goal of being a sustainable business. The speakers are charismatic, and the topics are in-depth." - Fiona Lee, Assistant Communications Manager, Shangri-La Rasa Sayang, Penang

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