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'Single’s Inferno Season 3' returns with no-holds-barred romance

By Lee Yoon-seo

Published : Dec. 4, 2023 - 15:41

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“Single’s Inferno Season 3” (Netflix) “Single’s Inferno Season 3” (Netflix)

Netflix Korea's popular dating reality show "Single's Inferno" has returned with its third season, with a brand new group of young, attractive singles and a plot that moves faster than ever.

“Single’s Inferno,” the first season of which debuted in December 2021, has garnered worldwide attention, with the series becoming the first Korean reality show to be listed on Netflix's global top 10 chart. Building on this success, Netflix extended the series with a 10-episode second season last year.

"If the first season's participants focused on building romance with each other, the second season mainly centered on the participants' stories. The third season of 'Single's Inferno' will be more about the no-holds-barred romance between participants," said Kim Jung-hyun, producer of "Single's Inferno Season 3," during a press conference held in Seoul, Monday.

"Compared to previous seasons, the plot will develop in a much faster fashion. The casts will express their thoughts without hesitation and have emotional battles with each other, which result in spectacular stories," she said.

The third season of "Single's Inferno" also takes place in a much harsher environment compared to its previous seasons. In the plot of "Single's Inferno" the cast members, who are stranded on a deserted island, either get to go to "heaven" or "hell," based on whether or not they succeed in finding a romantic partner.

According to the producers, the identities of "heaven" and "hell" were strengthened.

"Previously, 'hell' on the show consisted basically of glamping sites, but in this third season, they are more hellish. Participants will have to stay in accommodations such as narrow shipping containers, where they have to cut down the trees themselves, start fire and cook rice on it," said Kim Jae-won, a producer of "Single's Inferno Season 3."

"In comparison, cast members who find a partner can go on romantic dates in a luxurious hotel. In accordance with the program's core identity, lots of interesting scenes will be introduced," Kim said.

In addition, the new season comes with Kim Jin-young as an additional host, a previous cast member who appeared in season two of "Single's Inferno." Also known by his nickname, Dex, he rose to fame after the show.

“Single’s Inferno Season 3” will debut on Netflix on Dec. 12.