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[Herald Interview] Seo In-guk hopes to convey life lesson that all moments are precious through 'Death's Game'

By Lee Yoon-seo

Published : Dec. 20, 2023 - 13:17

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Seo In-guk (Tving) Seo In-guk (Tving)

South Korean actor Seo In-guk said that through his latest drama series "Death's Game," he sought to deliver the message that all moments in life are worth living, even those that we consider a "waste of time."

"Death's Game," Korean streaming service Tving's original series, is an 8-part fantasy drama series based on the popular webtoon of the same title, in which an unemployed man attempts suicide after a series of misfortunes.

As he attempts suicide, a transcendental being known as "Death" intervenes to give him a chance to be reborn 12 times.

In the drama, Seo plays the main character Choi Yi-jae, who is given the chance to be reborn 12 times, each time as a different person.

"The moment I first encountered 'Death's Game' as a webtoon, I thought it would be really nice if it could be adapted into a movie or a drama," Seo said during an interview with reporters in Seoul on Tuesday.

"I just wanted to participate in the (drama series) -- any role would have sufficed," he said.

Seo said he wanted to create his own version of Choi Yi-jae that was different from the character in the webtoon series.

"Even though the webtoon and the drama share common elements, I believe they have different worldviews, much like parallel universes," said Seo.

"I worked with the understanding that although there would be similarities between (Choi in the webtoon series and Choi in the drama series), there would also be differences in character traits," he said.

"In the drama, I envisioned Choi as a slightly more introverted character. In the early stages, I explored his timid and introverted aspects. I thought that by starting this way, when he later confronts the extreme situation of death, his emotions would explode, and I would be able to better his express strong desire for life," said Seo.

Seo explained that his character Choi -- as he is constantly reborn as a different person -- grows throughout the series, realizing that he had been unaware of the precious parts of his life.

"Choi, who could only focus on his unfortunate situation and was trapped in a sense of inferiority, acts with false hope that he can live a better life than before when he experiences (the lives of people he was born into in the early part of the series)," said Seo.

"In part two of the series, he grows to leave behind his self-centered perspective and gains a broader outlook (in life)," said Seo.

Seo said by playing Choi in the series, he gained a precious life lesson as an actor.

"There are times when we think we've just let time pass by. While portraying Choi, I felt that even the parts of life I considered wasted before could be truly precious. I believe that this lesson will also be well conveyed to the viewers (through the drama series)," he said.

Currently, episodes 1-4 of "Death's Game" are available on the local streaming platform Tving.

The second part of the drama, which includes episodes 5-8, is scheduled to be aired on the platform on Jan. 5, 2024.