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[Herald Interview] 'Single's Inferno 3' may be most successful season yet

By Lee Yoon-seo

Published : Jan. 15, 2024 - 13:18

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Producers of Producers of "Single's Inferno 3" Kim Jae-won (left) and Kim Jung-hyun (Netflix)

The producers of Netflix dating show "Single's Inferno 3" said the third season was the most successful compared to previous seasons.

The last episode of "Single's Inferno 3" was aired Tuesday amid much excited squabbles about the cast's actions and their decisions on their final partners.

"'Single's Inferno' and 'Single's Inferno 2' garnered total viewing hours of some 6 million viewing hours, respectively, but the third season managed to log more than 7 million viewing hours," said Kim Jae-won, the producer of "Single's Inferno 3," during an interview with reporters in Seoul on Thursday.

According to Kim, one of the main reasons for its popularity can be attributed to the way this season unfolded in a radically different way.

"In the early stages (of the third season), (we saw that) viewers were quite surprised by the revelation of there being (two heavens and two hells). The casts were also genuinely taken aback by such a setting," said Kim Jung-hyun, the co-producer of the show.

"Single's Inferno" is set against the backdrop of Hell Island and Heaven Island. Cast members who succeed in connecting with their desired partner get to spend a night on Heaven Island, which is usually a luxurious hotel. If they fail to find a partner, they are destined to spend a night on Hell Island, which consists of container boxes or tents.

"I think the tactic to proceed (the program) differently from the previous seasons, which consisted of one hell and one heaven, right from the beginning, provided a clear impact to the viewers," added Kim Jae-won.

"Single's Inferno 3" (Netflix)

But "Single's Inferno 3" also garnered criticism for portraying casts' overly candid expressions.

A male cast Lee Gwan-hee expressed his preferences for female cast rudely, by pointing them with saying "that one" and "this one."

Also, Kim Gyu-ri, a female cast, was criticized for saying that she "wouldn't have him even if he was given to me."

Regarding such controversies, the producers said all they focused on was capturign reality on camera.

"During the show, cameras are almost always turned on, 24/7," said Kim Jae-won.

"Relationships can turn competitive and rough conflicts may arise. (We had a question of) the show having meaning at all if we hid (controversial) scenes. The key to reality shows is authenticity," he said.

Despite the show's buzz, the producers said the production of "Single's Inferno 4" has not been confirmed. But they're willing to create the next season if they are given an opportunity.

"It is not confirmed yet, but I think Netflix is thinking positively about producing the fourth season," said Kim Jae-won.

"The main feedback for the third season was that 'there are no heartwarming scenes, but there is entertainment.' If there is a next season, I want to make it both heartwarming and enjoyable," he added.

He also mentioned the spin-off shows featuring casts from different seasons.

"Just imagining Dex and Lee Gwan-hee appearing together (in the same program) is already interesting. With such option in mind, we are considering various options -- including the idea that the possibility of spin-offs would be fun," Kim said.

The 10-part "Single's Inferno 3" is currently available on Netflix.