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[팟캐스트] (553) 점점 늘어나는 ‘점원 없는 가게’

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Jan. 29, 2024 - 06:00

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진행자: 박준희, Ali Abbot

[Weekender] Behind the rise of unstaffed stores in Korea

기사 요약: 늘어나는 무인점포들, 왜일까?

[1] Choi Seung-hoon, 32, a regular patron of self-service venues in Korea, recently broadened his experiences in unstaffed shops by purchasing a takeaway sashimi dinner set for one.

* Patron: 고객, 후원자, 홍보 대사 / Customer, Client, Buyer

* Self-service: 자급식 판매 방법 / Do-it-yourself

* Broaden one’s experience: 시야를 넓히다, 알거나 경험한 것들의 범위를 넓히다 / Expand; Widen

* Unstaffed: 무인의 / Unmanned

[2] Unstaffed retail is well-established in South Korea, with many neighborhood convenience stores now operating without any staff during the nighttime. But recently, there has been a noticeable expansion and diversification, with young entrepreneurs bringing the concept into traditional sectors such as fish markets, butchers, clothing stores and pet shops.

* Well-established: 자리를 확실히 잡은 / Settled, Unshakable

* Noticeable: 뚜렷한, 분명한 / Visible, Notable

* Diversification: 다양화, (사업의) 다각화 / A mixed bag of something, Assorted

* Butcher: 정육점 / Meat seller

[3] Shop owners said that, while they don’t meet customers face-to-face, it is still important for them to stay attuned to customers' needs and engage with them through other channels.

* Face-to-face: 마주보는, 대면하는 / One-on-one, person to person

* Attuned to: 적절히 대응하는 / Responsive

* Engage: (주의·관심을) 사로잡다 / Become involved in; Busy oneself

[4] Many unstaffed shop owners resort to posting images captured from security footage of theft incidents on their store walls, accompanied by warning signs. However, some are reluctant to adopt this approach, mindful of the potentially negative effect these messages might have on the atmosphere in their store.

* Resort to: ~에 의지하다 / Turn to; Head for

* Theft: 절도 / Stealing; Robbery

* Accompanied by: ~을 데리고 오다, 함께 오다 / Alongside; As well as

* Reluctant: 꺼리는, 주저하는 / Unwilling; Disinclined, Hesitant

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