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[팟캐스트] (555) 광고할 땐 좋았는데, 연예인 리스크에는 빠르게 ‘손절’

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Feb. 5, 2024 - 06:01

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진행자: 박준희, Ali Abbot

Loved like idols, canceled like demons

기사 요약: 이미지 타격 큰 ‘연예인 리스크’에 사건사고 터지면 발 빠르게 광고 손절하는 업체들

[1] The news that actor Lee Sun-kyun was being investigated for allegations of illegal drug use broke out on Oct. 19.

From then on, the actor disappeared from public view, except when he was made to appear in front of the media each of the three times he underwent a police interrogation. The fact that he tested negative for drugs multiple times throughout the monthslong investigation did little to sway public opinion that had turned cold on him.

* Break out: 발생하다

* From then on: 그 이후

* Disappear: 사라지다

* Sway: 흔들다

* Turn cold: 싸늘하게 변하다

[2] It is not a secret anymore that Korea’s pop culture scene places substantial demands on its celebrities – extending beyond their professional lives into their personal conduct as well. This situation compels them to train for many years before debuting and then afterwards, to maintain a positive public image and steer clear of controversies.

* Not a secret: 조금도 비밀이 없는

* Substantial: 상당한

* Personal conduct: 개인적인 행동

* Compel: 강요하다

* Steer clear of: (곤란한 상황 등을) ~을 피하다

[3] In the realm of TV productions, if an individual associated with social controversies makes an appearance, the production team typically finds itself in the position of having to re-edit every scene featuring the implicated star extensively.

* Realm: 영역, 범위

* Associate with: ~와 어울리다

* In the position of: ~의 입장에

* Implicate: (나쁜 짓·범죄에) 연루되었음을 보여주다

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