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‘Children Lunch Set’ illustration display at expo accused of child porn

By Lim Jae-seong

Published : May 6, 2024 - 17:12

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An image displayed at an illustration fair and reported as child porn on Saturday (Online community) An image displayed at an illustration fair and reported as child porn on Saturday (Online community)

A display in an illustration fair has stirred up controversy over a possible link to child pornography, triggering a police investigation.

Police were dispatched Sunday to Kintex in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, where the Illusta Fes subculture illustration fair was taking place, following a report that one of the fair’s booths had illustrations of naked children on display, according to Ilsan Seobu Police Station.

The “Children Lunch Set” booth sold sexual illustration products and displayed a panel of naked game characters with female features.

The allegation of sexually objectifying children arose surrounding the appearance of the characters as well as the booth’s name, according to local media.

However, police reportedly left the venue without taking specific measures, as the booth was located in an area separated from the rest of the exhibitions where adult verification was required.

The operating team of Illusta Fes posted an announcement to its X account that said police were dispatched due to a “false report,” but adding that it would close its booths for adults to protect artists participating in the event.

The team also argued that the display did not break the law, saying the display had been blurred and the South Korean law on child pornography does not cover printed products seen at the event.

The South Korean Act on the Protection of Children and Youth Against Sex Offenses stipulates child or juvenile pornography as images displayed on “computers or other communications media.”

But the event has fallen under a barrage of criticism online as photos from the booth are being shared through social media and online communities, showing blatantly obscene poses of the characters.

Despite the operating team’s comments, police told local media they would look into the case, carrying out a legal review to determine whether the display could be considered child pornography.