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Illit’s agency sues Ador CEO Min Hee-jin for defamation

By Kim Jae-heun

Published : May 22, 2024 - 13:55

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K-pop girl group Illit (Belift Lab) K-pop girl group Illit (Belift Lab)

Belift Lab, a K-pop agency home to a rookie girl band Illit and a sister subsidiary to Ador under Hybe, sued Ador CEO Min Hee-jin for obstruction of business and defamation, the company said Wednesday in a statement. Min has been arguing that Illit had plagiarized NewJean’s style shortly after Illit's debut in March.

It is the first time Belift Lab spoke out regarding the ongoing feud. Hybe had been speaking in place of Belift Lab when addressing Min’s allegations until now.

Belift Lab said in the statement, “We have filed a complaint of obstruction of business and defamation against (Ador) CEO Min Hee-jin, who has been making false claims unilaterally against us (Belift Lab) and our artist.

An official statement released by Belift Lab, Wednesday (Belift Lab) An official statement released by Belift Lab, Wednesday (Belift Lab)

“We would like to clarify that Min’s allegations of plagiarism against one of our artists, Illit, are untrue. We have submitted evidence to law enforcement to prove it. We will follow the due procedure to determine the truth, even if it takes some time,” Belift Lab continued.

The music label added that Illit members have been subjected to a serious level of abuse, ridicule and personal attacks – regardless of the nature of the dispute, and asked the public to stop condemning them.

On April 3, Min sent an email, on behalf of the parents of the NewJeans members, to Hybe CEO Park Ji-won and Belift Lab CEO Kim Tae-ho expressing her regret over suspicions that Belift Lab’s newly debuted girl group had plagiarized NewJeans’ concept and choreography. The Ador CEO raised the same question again in front of the press in Seoul on April 25.