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[팟캐스트] (588) 밥상 물가 고민, '김' 가격 급등

By Kim Hae-yeon

Published : May 30, 2024 - 09:00

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진행: 김혜연, Paul Kerry

‘Gimflation’ in S. Korea as dried seaweed prices grow on rising global demand

기사 요약: '국민 반찬' 김 물가 상승에 더욱 커진 밥상 물가 부담

[1] Dried seaweed or gim, a staple dish nicknamed "rice thief" for its perfect pairing with rice, is seeing considerable popularity globally these days.

staple 주된, 주요한

pairing 한 쌍, 짝을 짓기

[2] In recent years, gim's deliciousness, coupled with its nutrient content and recognition as a food source beneficial to ocean ecosystems, has captivated taste buds worldwide, making its way into an unexpected array of dishes, served in salads, broths, casseroles, pizza and even occasionally sprinkled on ice cream.

beneficial 유익한, 이로운

captivate …의 마음을 사로잡다[매혹하다]

[3] Yet, despite the gim industry seeing a heyday here, ordinary people in Korea fear that the country’s humble, yet always satisfying trio on a table -- a bowl of white rice, kimchi and seasoned dried seaweed -- may one day no longer be considered a modest meal.

heyday 전성기, 한창때

modest 겸손한, 수수한

[4] In May, the average retail price of gim, in its most basic form roasted with no seasoning, is up over 80 percent from a year ago. Earlier this month, the Korean government lifted tariffs on imports of both dried and seasoned seaweed to stabilize local gim prices, effective until Sept. 30, after which the seaweed harvesting season begins.

roasted 구운

harvesting 수확, 거둬들이기

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