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[Today’s K-pop] Ghost9 does about face with new music

By Hwang You-mee

Published : June 3, 2021 - 19:04

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(Maroo Enterprise) (Maroo Enterprise)

Ghost9 held an online showcase to introduce its fourth EP “NOW: When we are in love” on Thursday.

“We’ve returned after three months,” said Son Junhyeong, admitting that he was nervous and excited at the same time. The band has gone for a strong and charismatic image since its debut but is taking a fresher and more boyish turn, he explained.

It was not easy going making such a dramatic change, they admitted. They tried to tune their voices to clearer sounds and find gestures and facial expressions to go with the mood.

For the second installment of the Now series, they chose to highlight the young and bright side and sought to contain their emotions and ways of talking when in love, said Lee Gangseong.

The title track “Up All Night,” a pop punk tune, stirs up memories of puppy love, the group said.

“We want to share the love we are feeling. We’ll show the affection, the pitter-patter and guileless love,” said Lee Jinwoo.

NCT 127 hails dynamic collaboration project 

(Amoeba Culture) (Amoeba Culture)

NCT 127 shared a teaser trailer for the music video of its upcoming project that is due out Friday.

The band has teamed up with Amoeba Culture led by Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko for a single titled “Save.”

In the trailer, each of the nine members appear one by one, starting with Taeyong, and give a glimpse of a dazzling performance against a futuristic backdrop. A memory chip engraved with “Save” appears along with the phrase “Save the moment” and Jaehyun pushes a button with the save icon near the end of the clip.

The band floated an image teaser Sunday, with plants growing in what looked like a spaceship as well as a series of phrases that said, “Save the moment,” “Save the wild,” “Save environment” and “Save the world.”

With Gaeko as a main producer, the other half of the hip-hop duo Choiza co-wrote the lyrics for the song.

Victon’s Han Seungwoo to release 2nd EP

(Play M Entertainment) (Play M Entertainment)

Han Seungwoo of Victon is returning as a solo with second EP on June 28, said agency Play M Entertainment on Thursday.

The new EP titled “Fade” comes approximately 10 months after the first, “Fame.”

In the teaser photograph that was uploaded without notification Wednesday, the musician is looking up at the blue sky with his arms stretched out wide. He was involved in producing all tracks -- as he was for “Fame,” that candidly talks about the agonies and solitude that is outshone by the spotlight.

He was the first of the seven bandmates to strike out on his own and topped iTunes top album chart in 11 regions with the first EP. He also ventured into acting recently, starring as the lead actor in a 10-part web drama that ended in May.

Kard’s BM to debut as solo artist 

(DSP Media) (DSP Media)

BM of Kard is coming out with his solo debut song “Broken Me” on June 9, agency DSP Media said Thursday.

The company released a teaser snippet for the music video of the song that combines hip-hop and modern rock. It was used on the original soundtrack for “The Brave New World,” a short movie featuring Park Eunseok that was premiered in April.

The single was created as a joint effort with global content producer 8PEX Company and BM ped write both the lyrics and the melody.

BM is a member of the four-piece act that debuted in 2016 and has gradually taken over songwriting and production of the band’s music. 

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