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[Today’s K-pop] Expectations push BTS’ Jimin atop iTunes charts with old songs

(Credit: Big Hit Music)
(Credit: Big Hit Music)

The first self-written song from Jimin of BTS topped the iTunes top songs chart in 51 regions, according to label Big Hit Music on Tuesday.

Single “Promise” was unveiled in 2018 through music platform SoundCloud.

Another work of his “Christmas Love” from 2020 claimed the No. 1 spot on the chart in 17 regions. It was a surprise gift dropped on Christmas Eve and still holds the record among K-pop solo musicians for logging 10 million views on YouTube.

The artist officially published the two songs on music platforms amid high expectations for his first solo album, “Face.” The album is due out on March 24.

Separately, luxury jewelry house Tiffany & Co. named Jimin its newest brand ambassador last week.

“He embodies the energy, style and sense of modernity that epitomize Tiffany and Co.,” said Alexander Arnault, executive vice president for product and communications.


Ex-GFriend member Yuju drops 2nd solo EP

(Credit: Konnect Entertainment)
(Credit: Konnect Entertainment)

Yuju, formerly of GFriend, returned as a solo musician with her second EP, “O,” on Tuesday.

It has been over a year since her first EP, “REC,” and during that period, she took her time to pick out her songs from a very large selection, weaving them into a story, said the performer at a media showcase event held in Seoul.

“This album, you might say, is me,” she mused, “Looking back at me in the past and rooting for me in the future.” She was involved in all aspects of the new album including the lyrics of all the tracks.

“My music was the top priority when I wrote the words -- music being something I cannot live without,” said Yuju. So comes the main track, “Without You,” a modern pop tune that sings of how it started with curiosity and excitement before fluctuating between love and hate.


SHINee’s Onew tops iTunes chart in 30 regions with 1st solo LP

(Credit: SM Entertainment)
(Credit: SM Entertainment)

Onew of SHINee has landed at the top of the iTunes top albums chart in 30 regions with his first solo studio album, “Circle.”

The 10-track LP came out on Monday. He performed the songs from the album in advance of the full release at his first solo standalone concert held in Seoul March 3-5.

On the day of the release, he hosted a livestream, where he talked about the album with fans tuning in from around the world.

Track “O (Circle)” is like a small ray of hope, he said, while revealing that he had let his hair grow long to create a soft, dream-like image.

His favorite part of the song? “We flow together over the wave,” as it best conveys the experience of consolation, said the musician.


Nmixx to return later this month with 1st EP

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)
(Credit: JYP Entertainment)

Rookie girl group Nmixx will release its first EP, “expergo,” on March 20, label JYP Entertainment announced on Tuesday.

The six members will show their spirit in the album fronted by “Love Me Like This," which tells of how we come to love ourselves and each other to a tune of trendy sounds.

The group uploaded a teaser trailer, dubbed “Dizziness of Freedom,” on Sunday showing the bandmates overcoming anxiety and unease as they found each other.

Meanwhile, Nmixx were spotted last week in Paris attending the 2023 spring/summer show of Loewe as global ambassadors of the Spanish fashion house.

NMixx debuted last year with single “Ad Mare” as a seven-member team, although Jinni quit abruptly about 10 months after the debut, saying only that it was due to “personal reasons.”


By Hwang You-mee