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[팟캐스트] (514) 프랑스, 베트남 출장 마친 이재용, “뜻깊은 일정” / ‘킬러문항’ 못버리는 수능, 난도 조절 어떻게?

By Choi Si-young

Published : June 29, 2023 - 07:01

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Samsung Electronics Executive Chairman Lee Jae-yong (front left) and President Yoon Suk Yeol (front right) at a state dinner in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Joint Press Corps) Samsung Electronics Executive Chairman Lee Jae-yong (front left) and President Yoon Suk Yeol (front right) at a state dinner in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Joint Press Corps)

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1. Samsung chief touts ‘meaningful trip’ to France, Vietnam

기사요약: 6박7일 출장에서 부산 엑스포 유치 활동과 경제사절단 활동을 마치고 귀국한 이재용

[1] Samsung Electronics Executive Chairman Lee Jae-yong returned home Saturday after a seven-day business trip to France and Vietnam. He accompanied President Yoon Suk Yeol on his latest state visits to the two countries.

--accompany: 동행하다

--state visit: 국빈방문 /공식방문(official visit) 실무방문(working visit) 사적방문(private visit)

[2] Lee traveled to Paris to attend a general assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions, the international body in charge of overseeing the World Expo, on Tuesday and Wednesday, to promote South Korea’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo in its southeastern city of Busan.

-- in charge of: 담당하다 /be responsible for

--oversee: 관리감독하다 /supervise, run, administer

--bid: 응찰, 입찰

--promote: 홍보, 지원

[3] Three more chiefs of Korea’s top conglomerates -- SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Euisun and LG Group Chairman Koo Kwang-mo -- also engaged in meetings and discussions to woo support for Busan’s Expo bid for two days.

--chief: 단체나 기관의 대표 /head, leader

--engage in: 참여하다 /participate, take part in

--woo: 이끌어내다 /attract, get

[4] The Samsung chief reportedly met with French President Emmanuel Macron to engage in discussions about mainstay businesses such as semiconductors and batteries.

--reportedly: 보도에 따르면 /according to reports, is believed to

--mainstay: 핵심의 /chief, main, central, key

--semiconductor: 반도체 /chip


2. Is Korea’s college entrance exam too difficult?

기사요약: 최근 ‘킬러문항’으로 논란이 된 수능의 적절 난도에 대한 문제제기

[1] The Suneung also tests students on a wide array of concepts. The math section, for example, delves into complex equations and requires students to solve questions without a calculator, unlike the internationally recognized International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement tests that approve of calculator use.

--wide array of: 다양한 /selection of

--delve into: ~를 다루다 /deals with, explore

--approve of: ~를 허락하다

[2] The language questions, in particular, have faced criticism for testing students based on how diligently they have memorized the dictionary, rather than assessing how well they comprehend the subject matter. The notoriously difficult English questions are famous for leaving even native English speakers puzzled.

--assess: 평가하다 /evaluate, estimate

--notoriously: 끔찍히

--leaving someone ~ed: ~이렇게 만들다 /make someone ~ed

--puzzled: 어리둥절, 얼떨떨한 /confused, perplexed

[3] It is typical here for students to resort to private academies, known locally as hagwon, for years to boost their proficiency in understanding the test and to know what to expect with the help of A-list teachers.

--typical: 전형적인

--resort to: ~에 기대다

--boost: 신장시키다, 밀어올리다

[4] The questions put students’ thinking skills to the test, frequently leaving them stumped, according to Woo. Aside from the English section, questions for other subjects are even more challenging because each question is designed to assign students a specific ranking, he added.

--put something to the test: 시험하다

--stumped: 당혹스럽다

--challenging: 어려운 /difficult, hard


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