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Public theater Quad to showcase two anticipated hybrid performances

Both “Everything OK” and "Two Eyes" are set to feature mix of gugak, retro and contemporary culture

By Hwang Dong-hee

Published : July 2, 2023 - 21:07

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Vocalist Seo Do (third from left) is set to perform Vocalist Seo Do (third from left) is set to perform "Everything OK" with Ahn Eun Me Company at the Quad, this weekend. (SFAC)

Two hybrid performances that feature a mix of traditional and modern are set to kick off at the Quad, a public theater operated by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, in Daehagno, in July.

“Everything OK,” set for Friday-Sunday performances, is a new collaborative work by contemporary dancer-choreographer Ahn Eun-me's dance company and vocalist Seo Do from the Seo Do Band.

Seo Do Band is known for pioneering the Joseon Pop genre, a term now used to refer to music that has a popular appeal but retains traditional Korean musical elements. "Joseon" refers to the name of the dynasty that ruled the Korean Peninsula from 1392 to 1910.

The retro-styled performance will center on the music of celebrated female singers of the 1970s and 1980s, including Yoon Si-nae, Lee Eun-ha, Jung Mi-jo and Jung Hoon-hee.

Their nostalgic songs will be sung by Seo Do, who started pansori at the age of five, with a visual spectacle created by seven dancers from Ahn Eun Me Company. The choreographer will apply her iconic colorful style to the stage costumes and designs.

There will be no designated seats as the venue seeks to remove the boundaries between the stage and the audience. After each performance, there will be a signing event with Seo Do and Ahn.

"The Two Eyes" (SFAC)

"The Two Eyes" reimagines the traditional pansori narrative, "Simcheongga," through the perspective of the protagonist's blind father, in a stage performance set for July 14-16.

Pansori group Ip Koa Son Studio and media art group Muto, collaborated together to create the sound and visuals that completely rework the classic pansori tale in the style of a road movie.

This latest rendition is developed from the original production in 2020. The stage will be decorated with dramatic LED media art, with the main melody provided by a geomungo, a traditional Korean string instrument, and electronic music.

Tickets for the shows can be reserved through the Quad’s official website. All tickets are 50,000 won each.