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Nmixx returns with summer song produced by Park Jin-young

By Hong Yoo

Published : July 12, 2023 - 13:39

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Nmixx introduces its third single album Nmixx introduces its third single album "A Midsummer Nmixx's Dream" at a press conference in Seoul on Tuesday. (JYP Entertainment)

JYP girl group Nmixx on Tuesday returned to the stage with its third single album, “A Midsummer Nmixx’s Dream.”

The new single album carries lead track “Party O’Clock” along with “Roller Coaster,” which was released prior to the official album drop.

“The storyline from our first mini album ‘expergo’ continues into this new album in which we finally meet with Nswers (the group's official fandom, pronounced 'answers') at a party and enjoy a dreamy summer night together,” said Sullyoon of Nmixx at a press conference in Seoul on Tuesday.

The lead track was written and produced by JYP Entertainment founder and producer Park Jin-young, as the first Nmixx song for which he took part in production.

“We were both nervous and excited to work with producer Park Jin-young. It was really nice of him to give us a lot of feedback while recording the track. The track mostly consists of falsettos for which he gave us a special vocal lesson,” said Kyujin of Nmixx.

The lead track has an addictive melody that accentuates the unique vocals of the group members with a hint of the producer’s signature groovy vibe.

After performing “Party O’Clock” for the first time on stage during the press conference, Kyujin and Jiwoo of Nmixx pointed out the highlight dance moves of the track.

“Our point dance move is intertwining our wrists which goes well with the lyrics 'Jingling, mingling.' Producer Park Jin-young created this choreography,” said Bae of Nmixx.

“Our producer also gave us a lot of advice as a K-pop artist himself. He said we should always be grateful for all the people that help us and work with us in order to stay in this industry for a long period,” said Lily.

Nmixx hopes to continue expanding its reach to overseas market with this new single album.

“We had the chance to hold our first fan showcase tour in the US and Asia during the past few months. It would be great to also meet with our fans in Europe and other regions we’ve never been to,” Lily added.

“We are grateful for all the support and love from our fans and the public. We will continue to make new musical attempts and challenge ourselves by trying out diverse musical genres. We want people to enjoy and experience our authentic music,” said Nmixx leader Haewon.