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Rookie boy band Pow counts down to debut with single 'Favorite'

By Choi Ji-won

Published : Sept. 13, 2023 - 14:36

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New boy band Pow poses for pictures during its pre-debut showcase held in Seoul on Wednesday. (Grid) New boy band Pow poses for pictures during its pre-debut showcase held in Seoul on Wednesday. (Grid)

Pow, a new multinational boy band, is setting forth on its journey with "Favorite."

The quintet dropped the single, which comes ahead of the band's upcoming official debut set for Oct. 11.

Set to debut under novice local label Grid, the quintet on Wednesday marked the start of its start with pre-debut single "Favorite."

Members Jungbin, Yorch, Hong, Dongyeon and Hyunbin held a press conference in Seoul, introducing themselves to the world.

"We're excited and nervous to meet our fans a month earlier. We'll grow and improve as we head toward our debut, so please look forward to our journey," Hyunbin said.

Yorch, a Thai actor-singer, added, "We've waited long for this moment. We'll give our best shot."

Just like the onomatopoeia, Pow "aspires to blow up the K-pop scene with its innovative and fun energy," leader Jungbin, explained.

"Favorite," a pop-punk dance tune, captures the band's innocent and youthful energy, and the lyrics spell out a fluttering heart in love through frank words.

The music video is made with the unique concept of "Europe Youth Culture," which Hyunbin described as showing "the dreamlike, beautiful energy of youth around our age." The visuals and aesthetics were inspired by the German countryside, the member added.

The pre-debut single marks the start of the final countdown to Pow's official debut on Oct. 11. The group is set to release an album, which Dongyeon said "is an EP that will embody various concepts, from first love to spirits of boyhood."

The group has generated buzz among global K-pop fans as the first boy group launched by novice label Grid. Grid is the parent company of 131 Label to which famous K-pop singer-rapper B.I is affiliated.

Also creating interest is Yorch, a Thai celebrity who trained under BTS' agency Big Hit Music. Yorch had been on a pre-debut team for Big Hit Music, Trainee A, but failed to make the final debut there.

The Thai singer on Wednesday said he had almost given up on his dream when he had returned home after leaving Big Hit Music after two years of training.

"I felt lost and wanted to rest when I went back to Thailand. I felt discouraged and wanted to give up on becoming a K-pop artist," Yorch said, looking back to that time.

"When Grid first reached out to me, I rejected the offer. The CEO held meetings with me several times and persuaded me to decide after meeting the members and the company staff in Korea. When I came, I got along well with the members and felt I could rely on the company, so I changed my mind," Yorch said.

The bandmates emphasized that their teamwork is their strength. All five members have their own unique colors, but together, they blend into a whole new hue.

Pow's role model is the band Seventeen, Jungbin said.

"Seventeen shows a powerful energy onstage, driven by their teamwork. We also hope to become a group that could share bright and encouraging energy," the leader said.