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[Korea Quiz] Third time's the charm?

By Korea Herald

Published : Oct. 2, 2023 - 16:01

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There are many rituals or occasions in which people do certain actions three times in South Korea, such as in the parliament, when the speaker bangs the gavel exactly three times to conclude something.

When children encounter disagreements and need to reach a decision, they often resort to playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. One ground rule is to play a set of three rounds, referred to as "samsaepan," unless they agree otherwise.

Similarly, when people gather and chant a phrase together, such as at a rally, they often repeat it three times, for example, “manse (cheers), manse, manse!"

In casual settings such as parties, it is not uncommon to set up penalties for those who arrive late, such as making latecomers consume three shots of liquor.

But Koreans bow two times when paying their respects to the deceased, such as when performing ancestral rites -- called "jesa" -- or at funerals.

Answer: (c)