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Sero the famed runaway Zebra loses mate

By Moon Ki Hoon

Published : Oct. 25, 2023 - 17:27

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Sero (right) and his late partner, Coco (left), who died on Oct. 16. (Seoul Children's Grand Park Zoo) Sero (right) and his late partner, Coco (left), who died on Oct. 16. (Seoul Children's Grand Park Zoo)

Earlier in March, citizens in Seoul witnessed the surreal sight of a distraught zebra wandering around the streets of the capital. A heartbreaking story later came to light that the two-year-old zebra, named Sero, had been suffering immensely after losing both his parents within two years.

In another blow for Sero, the Seoul Children's Grand Park Zoo announced on Tuesday the death of Coco, Sero's only partner since June 2022, due to complications related to her pregnancy. She was 17 months old.

According to the zoo, Coco began showing signs of an abdominal ailment on Oct. 11, when she had difficulty standing up. On Oct. 15, Coco was taken to an equine specialist for surgery, but succumbed to her condition the next day. A biopsy report indicated that she died from a colic bowel obstruction, a common issue in pregnant horses.

Witnesses at the zoo noted the widower's visible distress as he occasionally cried out in search of his departed mate. The pair shared a tight bond, a zoo official noted.

As speculations emerge about Sero's future, the zoo confirmed on Wednesday that they are in talks to introduce a new companion for him. An undisclosed zoo has already offered an eight-year-old female zebra for Sero, according to a local news report.

Zebras naturally live in harems consisting of one male and multiple females, typically averaging around seven members in total. It remains to be seen if Sero, already having faced multiple hardships throughout his short life, will adapt to the next chapter of his life.