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PPP begins YouTube filibuster against DP's passage of contentious bills

By Yonhap

Published : Nov. 13, 2023 - 21:36

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Rep. Yun Jae-ok, floor leader of the ruling People Power Party, speaks about the Rep. Yun Jae-ok, floor leader of the ruling People Power Party, speaks about the "yellow envelope bill" and other contentious legislation that passed the opposition-controlled National Assembly, in a virtual filibuster on the PPP's YouTube channel, in this captured image on Monday.

The ruling People Power Party launched an online filibuster Monday to protest the passage of four controversial bills through the opposition-controlled National Assembly.

On Thursday, the Assembly passed revisions to the Trade Union and Labor Relations Adjustment Act and three other bills on broadcasting laws, as PPP lawmakers boycotted the votes in protest.

The PPP had planned to use a filibuster to block the passage, but later decided not to proceed in order to not give the DP a chance to pass another contentious motion to impeach the country's broadcasting watchdog chief.

Rep. Yun Jae-ok, the party whip, appeared on the party's YouTube channel, voicing criticism of the bills.

"It is a ruinous evil law ... If it's implemented, companies will suffer from labor-management disputes all year around," Yun said.

"Jobs for young people and the working class will decrease, and working conditions at small businesses will worsen," he said.

Yun took a swipe at the DP for engaging in "fandom politics that does not care about the economy and people's livelihoods."

Other PPP lawmakers also appeared on the virtual link, either livestreamed or in pre-recorded footage, to voice opposition and explain to the public in detail what the pieces of legislation are about.

Monday's launch of the virtual filibuster is seen as being intended to rally public support for and secure the legitimacy of opposition to the bills, before President Yoon Suk Yeol exercises his widely-expected veto power against them.

The DP needs two-thirds parliamentary support to override a presidential veto, meaning it would need the support of at least 199 lawmakers in the 298-member parliament to reapprove the bills.

The pro-labor legislation, commonly known as the "yellow envelope bill," aims to limit companies from making claims for damages against legitimate labor union disputes, while the revised broadcasting laws are intended to reduce the government's influence over public broadcasters.

The PPP said the online filibuster will continue through this week, with some 60 PPP lawmakers expected to participate via the virtual link. (Yonhap)