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Ateez closes 1st chapter of career with 'The World Ep. Fin: Will’

By Hong Yoo

Published : Dec. 1, 2023 - 16:03

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Ateez introduces its LP Ateez introduces its LP "The World Ep. Fin: Will" at a press conference in Seoul on Friday. (KQ)

K-pop boy group Ateez dropped its second full-length album “The World Ep. Fin: Will” on Friday.

“It took us four years to release our second studio album. This album wraps up our five years as Ateez and previews what is to come in the following years. Also, we included some unit and solo singles in this album for the first time ever,” said the group’s leader Hong Joong during a press conference in Seoul.

The new album carries a total of 12 tracks led by the title track “Crazy Form,” an afrobeat dance hall tune.

“We thought that our title track could be too simple. But at the same time, we thought it was a great track to emphasize our performance. We decided on the title track of the album, and then chose the rest to fill this album,” Hong explained.

Other tracks include three unit tracks -- “Matz,” “It’s You” and "Youth” -- and one solo track, “Everything.”

Hong Joong and Seonghwa took part in “Matz,” a hip-hop number.

“We are the oldest members of the group. We showed off our explosive energy in this single. The lyrics are straightforward, so please pay attention to them as well,” said Seonghwa.

Yeosang, San and Wooyoung took part in “It’s You,” featuring a groovy rhythm and mystical melody.

“This single is about seducing someone and the melody is very soothing,” said Wooyoung of Ateez.

Mingi and Yunho took part in “Youth,” an alternative pop piece.

"We took part in composing and writing the lyrics to this single together. We tried to write about the concerns that people in their 20s face and share our experience as well,” said Yunho of Ateez.

Jongho took part in “Everything,” which highlights his vocal talent.

“It was an honor to have a solo track in our group’s studio album. I felt a responsibility to do my best,” said Jongho of Ateez.

Ateez hopes to make their concerts more flavorful with the addition of these unit and solo tracks to their set list.

“I think this is an album that can make the public look forward to our releases in the years to come. This year marks our fifth debut anniversary and so far, our greatest achievement has been establishing a strong relationship with our fans around the world. We hope to continue presenting music that can make our fans proud of us,” said Hong.