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[Korea Quiz] Dokdo, jewel in East Sea

By Korea Herald

Published : Dec. 13, 2023 - 11:07

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The South Korean island of Dokdo is an ecological jewel, situated furthest from the mainland. Comprised of two islets and 89 surrounding rock outcrops, the entirety of Dokdo is designated a natural monument and is under protection.

The waters surrounding Dokdo are home to various marine creatures and rare marine plants, including band-rumped storm petrels, streaked shearwaters and black-tailed gulls.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, as of August 2023, 26 South Korean nationals reside on Dokdo, primarily consisting of Navy and Coastal Guard personnel, lighthouse keepers and public officials.

As for permanent civilian residents, a couple moved to Dokdo in 1991, following the passing of the island’s sole civilian inhabitant, Choi Jong-duk, in 1982. The husband died in 2018, leaving the wife, Kim Shin-yeol, as the only person whose place of residence is registered in Dokdo.

Tourism to Dokdo is free, but visits for purposes other than sightseeing must obtain prior permission from the local authorities. Also, the duration of a visit there is limited to less than an hour.

To reach Dokdo, visitors must first go to Ulleungdo, the closest inhabited island some 217 kilometers away. Depending on the weather and sea conditions, the journey from Ulleungdo to Dokdo typically takes around 40 minutes by ferry.

Despite South Korea’s effective and established administration of the island, Japan asserts sovereignty claims over Dokdo, in an attempt to categorize it as an internationally disputed territory.

Answer: (d)