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[팟캐스트] (568) 아파트 캥거루족 68%, 결혼 전까지 독립 계획 없다

By Park Jun-hee

Published : March 21, 2024 - 06:01

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진행자: 박준희, Ali Abbot

68% of Korean adults living with parents won’t move out until marriage

기사요약: 결혼 전까지 독립 계획이 없는 미혼 남녀들 많아졌다

[1] A recent survey showed that the vast majority of South Korean adults living with their parents in apartments have no plans to move out until they are married.

* Recent: 최근의

* Majority: 다수

* Move out: (살던 집에서) 이사를 나가다

[2] Finances were a major factor, as 32 percent said the “cost of housing is too high,” while 23 percent said, “I’m concerned about the cost of living.” Some 26 percent said that they choose to do so because their “commute is convenient from (their) parents’ home.”

* Finances: 돈, 금전

* Concerned: 걱정하는

* Cost of living: 생활비

* Convenient: 편리한; 간편한

[3] Most of the respondents were not complete freeloaders, as 69 percent said they contribute some money to household expenses. Some 35 percent said they give between 300,000 won ($230) to 500,000 won per month to their parents, 26 percent give under 300,000 won, while 8 percent give their parents more than 500,000 won.

* Freeloader: 남에게 얻어먹기만 하는 사람

* Contribute: 기여하다

* Expense: 돈; 비용

[4] With rising housing costs, an increasing number of South Koreans have been continuing to live with their parents well into adulthood. They have been dubbed "kangaroos" by local scholars and media, for being adults who are dependent on their parents even though they are old enough to live on their own, drawing a comparison to the image of mother kangaroos who raise their young inside their pouches.

* Rising: 폭동하는

* Continuing: 계속적인

* Dependent: 의존하는

* Comparison: 비교, 비유

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