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[팟캐스트] (572) 2주 만에 막 내린 류준열·한소희 연애

By Park Jun-hee

Published : April 4, 2024 - 06:01

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진행자: 박준희, Ali Abbot

Han So-hee, Ryu Joon-yeol part ways 2 weeks after going public with relationship

기사 요약: 배우 한소희와 류준열, 공개 연애 2주 만에 결별

[1] South Korean actors Han So-hee and Ryu Joon-yeol have decided to “go their own ways” after two tumultuous weeks surrounding the stars’ admissions of dating and accusations of impropriety in Ryu dating Han so soon after his breakup from his longtime partner, singer and actor Hyeri.

* Go your own way: 서로 갈 길을 가다

* Tumultuous: 떠들썩한; 격동의

* Admissions: (특히 범행·잘못 등에 대한) 시인

* Impropriety: 부적절한; 부도덕한 행동

[2] Ryu and Han’s breakup surfaced Saturday night when Han uploaded a 2001 photo of Nicole Kidman that had been taken by paparazzi as she walked out of the court following her divorce from Tom Cruise. The photo has popularly been used to express feelings of freedom and liberation after ending a relationship.

* Surfaced: 수면 위로 드러나다

* Following: (시간상으로) 그 다음의

* Express: (감정·의견 등을) 나타내다, 표현하다

* Liberation: 해방

[3] On March 16, Han wrote on her blog that she had started dating Ryu in early 2024 after he had ended his relationship with Hyeri in 2023. The blog post was just a few days after the new lovebirds were spotted at a hotel in Hawaii together.

* End: 끝내다

* Lovebirds: 연인

* Spotted: 포착되다

[4] As accusations grew around Ryu and Han, Han stepped in to actively defend herself and Ryu, saying in a social media post that she’s “not a person who likes someone with a girlfriend, or allows him to like (her) while being a ‘friend,’ or becomes interested and gives meaning to a relationship with someone with a girlfriend.”

* Accusation: 비난

* Step in: 개입하다

* Defend: 옹호하다

* Give meaning to: 의미부여하다

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