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[Herald Review] Day6 dazzles 34,000 audience members with impressive live band performance

By Hong Yoo

Published : April 15, 2024 - 14:47

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Day6 holds Day6 holds "Welcome to the Show" concert in Seoul on April 12-14. (JYP Entertainment)

Day6, a South Korean pop-rock band under the label JYP Entertainment, welcomed 34,000 fans to its concerts held at Jamsil Arena in Seoul, April 12-14.

The band turned the arena's main stage into a circular stage surrounded 360 degrees by the audience.

Dressed in black suits, the group's four members -- guitarists Sungjin and Young K, keyboardist Wonpil and drummer Dowoon -- kicked off the last day of their “Welcome to the Show” concert Sunday with the song of the same title which was the lead track of their eighth EP, “Fourever,” released last month.

Day6 dazzled fans with their songs appreciated for their relatable words and melodies that flow naturally with each song's story.

Day6 holds Day6 holds "Welcome to the Show" concert in Seoul on April 12-14. (JYP Entertainment)

The concert reached its climax when the band played its all-time hit single “You Were Beautiful.”

Silver confetti rained down on the stage as sky-blue pin lights focused on the center stage, creating a beautiful scene.

Day6 boasted powerful vocals, and their live band performance made the concert even more enjoyable.

“This song was released in 2017. Thanks to this song that is still loved by many, we can hold a concert at a big venue like this one. This is all thanks to My Days (fandom name). Now it’s your time to sing,” said Young K, referring to "You Were Beautiful."

When the band played a chord from one of the songs, the audience immediately jumped in to sing the melody.

For the last section of the concert, the stage slowly rotated during the performance to allow fans from all corners to get a good look at the band.

“I hope that our songs can comfort you. Life is not easy but we can get through anything together,” said Wonpil, breaking into tears.

Day6 performed a set list of 21 songs and then gifted fans with six encores during which the members walked around all parts of the venue to get a closer look at their fans.

“We can’t always be happy, but these moments are what make us look forward to what’s to come. With this beautiful memory, we hope to continue marching forward to continue making music,” said Sungjin.