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TripleS releases 1st LP ‘Assemble 24’ with 24 members

By Hong Yoo

Published : May 10, 2024 - 10:38

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TripleS introduces its first LP, TripleS introduces its first LP, "Assemble 24," during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday. (Modhaus)

TripleS, the K-pop girl group with the most members in history, released their first studio album, “Assemble 24,” with all 24 members for the first time since their debut in May 2022.

“It took us two years to complete our group of 24. It feels surreal to finally announce a new beginning of TripleS as a group of 24 with this album that some of our members took part in bringing about,” said Seo Da-hyun, the 10th member to join tripleS, during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday.

TripleS is a group that consists of members chosen by fans through a voting system that its agency Modhaus provides.

From S1 to S24, each member is assigned a number indicating the order in which they joined the group.

Yoon Seo-yeon, referred to as S1, was among the first four members chosen to debut in May 2022 by the voting system.

“It feels surreal that we finally have all 24 members to complete our group. Our strength as a group of 24 is that we can showcase unique performances never done before by other K-pop acts. Plus, each of us were chosen by our fans, Wav, so our group and fans shared this journey during which we made special memories together,” Yoon said.

TripleS performed “Girls Never Die,” the lead track of its LP during the press conference.

Their performance incorporated diverse dance formations to spotlight each member as much as possible.

As a mega-group, their performance seemed more powerful compared to other active K-pop girl groups.

“This song is about young girls willing to overcome any difficulties they face in life. It was chosen as the title track for this album by our fans. It earned 130,000 votes,” said Lee Ji-woo of TripleS.

The LP carries 10 tracks including two Side B tracks-- “Midnight Flower” and “White Soul Sneakers,” for which some of the members took part in composing and writing the lyrics.

“I tried to put our group’s story into the track ‘White Soul Sneakers,’ which sings about young girls who work hard to achieve their dreams. It was an honor for me to take part in making this track for our first studio album,” said Park So-hyun of TripleS

The group, however, plans to work more as small units rather than as a full group for their albums to come, due to the difficulties they face in highlighting each member’s unique personality and musical talents.

“Releasing an album with all our members is meaningful, but we will try to show various facets of our group working as different units. Someday, when our fans miss seeing all of us together on stage, we will return as a full group,” said Yoon.