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Korean display makers show off next-gen OLED technologies at SID event

By Jo He-rim

Published : May 15, 2024 - 15:51

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Samsung Display's showroom is shown at SID Display Week 2024, which kicked off on Tuesday in San Jose, California. (Samsung Display) Samsung Display's showroom is shown at SID Display Week 2024, which kicked off on Tuesday in San Jose, California. (Samsung Display)

Samsung Display and LG Display presented the next-generation organic light-emitting diodes and Quantum dot panel technologies at this year’s Display Week 2024 in the US.

Samsung introduced the industry's first quantum dot light-emitting diode display, the next-generation self-luminous technology, at SID Display Week 2024. The event, hosted by the Society for Information Display, kicked off Tuesday in San Jose, California, and runs until Thursday.

The new technology implements RGB pixels with only ultra-fine semiconductor particles called quantum dots. While current QD-OLEDs emit light through a QD emitting layer as blue OLED light passes through, the QD-LED panel directly emits light from the QD RBG pixels, without OLED, Samsung explained.

The display maker also showcased glasses-free three-dimensional technology, which automatically switches between 2D and 3D depending on the user's gaze. According to Samsung, the eye-tracking Light Field Display allows users to perceive depth by presenting different images to the left and right eyes.

The 16-inch laptop LFD automatically activates the 3D function when the user enters within a viewing distance of 40 to 70 centimeters.

In collaboration with its subsidiary eMagin, Samsung Display also presented the RGB OLEDs on Silicon technology targeting the virtual reality market. The company exhibited the 3,500 ppi Fine Silicon Mask, which was produced on an 8-inch silicon wafer.

A model presents LG Display's Advanced Thin OLED for vehicles. (LG Display) A model presents LG Display's Advanced Thin OLED for vehicles. (LG Display)

LG Display also showcased its latest OLED panel technologies, under the theme of "A Better Future," at the SID Display Week 2024. The technologies include OLEDoS for virtual reality, large-sized OLED panels for top picture quality and automotive display solutions optimized for Software Defined Vehicles.

"We will continue to introduce innovative products that can provide new value to customers through constant research and development, while solidifying our technological leadership," Yoon Soo-young, the chief technology officer and executive vice president at LG Display said.

The display maker unveiled the OLEDoS for VR to the public for the first time. The latest technology features dramatically increased screen brightness and resolution compared to the existing standard, according to LG.

The panel achieves an ultra-high brightness of 10,000 nits, and an ultra-high resolution of about 4,000 ppi. Made up of OLED deposited on a silicon wafer substrate, OLEDoS is gaining attention amid the rise of augmented reality and VR services.

LG Display also exhibited the industry's first OLEDoS for smartwatches at the event. At 1.3-inch in size, it features a 4K resolution that allows content to be displayed clearly even on the wrist. It is also equipped with glasses-free 3D technology called light field technology, which has holographic-like effects.

The company also demonstrated an 83-inch OLED TV and gaming OLED panels to show off its large-sized OLED products.

LG Display also introduced automotive display solutions optimized for SDVs, including high-definition OLEDs for vehicles and LTPS LCDs, which are the company’s differentiated technologies. According to LG, its Advanced Thin OLED for vehicles is 20 percent thinner than general glass substrate OLEDs. This enables a sleek design and increases price competitiveness while maintaining the excellent picture quality of OLEDs, LG said.

Meanwhile, the company has introduced a Glassless 3D Dashboard that maximizes a driver’s visual satisfaction based on high-performance LTPS LCDs.