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[팟캐스트] (593) 끝도 없이 오르는 외식 물가에 대안으로 떠오른 곳은?

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : June 17, 2024 - 06:01

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Traders Wholesale Club's Dongtan branch in Gyeonggi Province (E-mart) Traders Wholesale Club's Dongtan branch in Gyeonggi Province (E-mart)

진행자: 간형우, Kevin Lee Selzer

Sales of warehouse stores rise amid high dining-out costs

기사 요약: 외식 물가 상승으로 인한 반사 이익으로 매출 증가 겪는 대형마트들

[1] Warehouse stores in Korea have seen a rise in sales, drawn by bulk sizes of fresh ingredients at lower prices as people opt for cooking at home rather than eating out, amid increasing prices.

*warehouse store: 창고형 매장 (대형마트)

*bulk: 큰, 대부분

*opt for ~ : ~을 선택하다

[2] From January through April, sales of Traders Wholesale Club, the warehouse-type discount store owned by E-mart, increased by 8.6 percent, according to the company on Sunday.

*discount: 할인하다, 무시하다

*own: 소유하다, 자신의, 직접 ~한

[3] In contrast, both E-mart’s discount stores and its no-frills No Brand stores experienced a decline in sales, with decreases of 1 percent and 7.8 percent, respectively, over the same period.

*no-frills: 꼭 필요한(기본적인) 요소만 있는

*respectively: 각각

[4] Sales per Traders store, in particular, stood at 53.3 billion won ($38.6 million), almost twice those of E-mart stores, which recorded 29.6 billion won during the same period. This gap increased from last year’s 19.2 billion won. Currently, there are 22 Traders stores and 133 E-mart stores in Korea.

*in particular: 특히

*gap: 틈, 차이

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