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Manpower Korea’s unique approach to reference checks

By Mun So-jeong

Published : Sept. 27, 2023 - 10:33

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Kyle Jeon, Director of Client Relationship Management Group of Manpower Korea. (Manpower Korea) Kyle Jeon, Director of Client Relationship Management Group of Manpower Korea. (Manpower Korea)

Manpower Korea, the global workforce solutions provider with over two decades of experience, offers a thorough, strategic reference check service, one of the most important phases in the hiring process.

Reference checks are conducted to learn more about candidates’ background, experiences and skills, assessing their eligibility and potential for certain positions.

The Korean branch of ManpowerGroup shared two examples that showed how vital the role of methodical, expert-led reference checks is in hiring.

In one of the cases, a German manufacturing company was looking for a new chief financial officer as the current executive was retiring.

During the hiring process, the firm only relied on two reference checks, including one from the vendor who recommended the candidate, without any expertise in this process.

The failure to conduct thorough checks led to undesirable consequences, Manpower Korea said. Refusing to come on-site for work at first, the newly appointed CFO later allegedly demanded payment amounting to six months salary or said sensitive data would be sold.

The candidate’s past engagements as a corporate blackmailer was unveiled after Manpower Korea’s comprehensive blind reference checks.

In the other case, a prominent Korean organization was seeking a new HR director. While the candidate passed three rounds of interviews, the company skipped the expert-led reference checks.

However, what appeared to be a successful hiring process led to unexpected results, the company said. The new director filed complaints against his colleagues, claiming psychological distress in the workplace, the firm said.

Through inquiries with the former employer of the candidate, it was later revealed that they had interpersonal issues in their previous job, too.

A table on reference checks (Manpower Korea) A table on reference checks (Manpower Korea)

In order to prevent biased assessments, Manpower Korea practices blind reference checks in which the identities of the hiring executives are not disclosed to the candidates.

It also has an independent team with experienced professionals for reference checks separate from the recruiting coordinator, enabling objective and trustworthy assessments, it said.

Compared to online platforms that might offer quick and affordable options, Manpower Korea ensures high quality evaluations with information obtained via direct communication with the professionals.

Boasting its confidence in reference checking, Manpower Korea offers a 100 percent refund for their services, the company said.

By adopting the best practices of reference checks, its clients can enhance their hiring decisions, protect their brand and maintain a competitive advantage in the market, it added.