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LG CNS builds LLM for code generation

By Mun So-jeong

Published : Jan. 31, 2024 - 15:10

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A developer uses the LG CNS AI Coding service. (LG CNS) A developer uses the LG CNS AI Coding service. (LG CNS)

South Korean IT solutions provider LG CNS on Wednesday unveiled its own large language model for code generation, enabling developers to mitigate the possible security risks of artificial intelligence.

In June 2023, LG CNS first launched "AI Coding,” a ChatGPT-based service that supports code generation for a system, application or service. Developers can ask AI Coding to convert, generate, recommend, and check the errors of codes in line with their requirements.

The company had applied its AI-based code generation service when building its in-house systems, as well as when integrating and managing systems for corporate clients, it said.

While security risks faced by companies increase when using public generative AI platforms, LG CNS introduced an LLM to its code-generating service, catering to corporate clients who may be sensitive to data leakages. The firm referred to diverse open sources including Meta’s CodeLlama to realize its code-optimizing LLM, the company added.

Users can simply deploy LLM in their existing cloud or on-premises infrastructure, which significantly minimizes the possibility of leaks of their source code and customers' personal information.

The firm’s LLM features an “orchestrator,” a tool that directs the flow of information, makes decisions, monitors and controls the language model to adhere to specific guidelines.

Even when a developer accidentally inputs a customer's personal information, the orchestrator automatically detects, masks and removes the information from the language model.

LG CNS will also provide a consulting service to help corporate clients craft the optimal, specific “prompt” -- an initial input that sets the context or starting point for the language model -- to guide and generate a more detailed and desired type of response from the LLM.

When generating codes with AI Coding, corporate clients can choose either to use the firm’s own-developed LLM or Open AI’s ChatGPT, based on their respective industries and sectors, LG CNS added.

“With LG CNS’ AI Coding, we hope corporate clients will boost their efficiency and productivity in digital services,” said Kim Sun-jung, LG CNS' chief technology officer.